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Window Film

Commercial, Residential and Automotive

Our extensive range of window films which include automotive smoked films, professional grade solar control, safety and security film, decorative and frosted film and total blockout can be used on any glass applications such as cars, vans, offices, computer rooms, school dining halls, waiting rooms, conservatories and walkways

AUTOMOTIVE TINTING SERVICES - We are leaders in automotive privacy and security glass application


- Decrease Heat

- Reduce interior fading

- Increase Safety

- Cut Glare

- Aesthetic Enhancement

- Prices from £25 per window

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The application of window film or window tinting is undisruptive, fast to install and maintenance free. Compared to curtains, shutters or blinds window film is more efficient and more cost effective.

We are acknowledged experts in specifying films for all window applications and installing them to the highest standards or workmanship in all types of buildings inluding homes, offices, schools, universities, shops, hospitals, industrial units, government buildings, extensions and conservatories.


Films include tinted, mirrored solar, safety, UV, frosted and decorative and total block out


Stay green and reduce utility costs

Reduce Interior Fading

Improve Security

Decrease Heat

Cut Glare

Increase Productivity

Call for a quote 01255 427350

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