1) Pay Per Click Advertising


Using Google Ad Words you can attract highly qualified visitors to your website within 30 minutes.



2) Search Engine Optimisation


Don’t overlook the power of the free listings on the search engines. One way to ensure a good result is to get as many incoming links from other websites as possible. You can get links from your customers, suppliers, and from free and paid directories.



3) Joint Ventures


Team up with non-competitive trades and advertise your site on their websites, this will give your website a lot more coverage.



4) Offline Marketing


Advertise your website at every available opportunity, on your signs, vehicles, adverts, direct mail, PR and business stationery. Try ‘online only’ special offers to drive visitors to your website.



5) Email Campaign


This is great, and it’s free. Send a series of emails to all of your customers highlighting different aspects or pages on your website, if you include the relevant links to the specific pages it will make it easy for your customer. Keep tabs on your website counter to see just how many of your customers visit your site.



6) Get on the Telephone


Using the phone to direct your existing customers to your website can be very productive, if you have a good relationship with your customers they should be willing to spare a few moments while you talk them through your website.



7) Are you an Expert?


Whatever business you are in you probably know more about your products and services than anybody else, if this is the case write some interesting articles about what you know and get them published in the local press or relevant online/offline publications. Include your contact and website details.


If you implement all of the above this could increase the amount of visitors to your website by several hundred percent.




Good Luck & Happy Marketing


Kerron Hughes

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7 Top Tips to Drive Visitors to your Website.

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