Sign Buyers Guide

Here are a few key industry points to consider for effective signage. Let's call it our Sign Buyers Checklist!

These simple questions will really help you get a clear and specific vision and purpose for your signage to maximize its value-

What will be the primary use of your sign:
Are you directing, informing, or selling?

What image do you want to project:
Professional? Sophisticated? Youthful? Fun?

Should it coordinate with your other graphics, advertising, or branding:
Do you need particular colours, logos, or fonts?

What is your target market:
Whose attention do you want to attract? What will attract them?

What will the viewing distance and time be:
How far will readers be from the sign? How long will they have to read it?

How is your sign going to be mounted:
Where will the sign be displayed? How will it be attached? Will you need the approval of a landlord of local authority?

What must your sign copy and layout include:
What message do you want to communicate in your copy? Do you have special wording or layout requirements?